Self Invested Pension Plan


Secure Your Future

A pension is one of the most tax-efficient ways of saving for retirement. Self-Invested Personal Pensions, or SIPPs, are UK government approved personal pension schemes which provide individuals with a high degree of flexibility. That’s because SIPPs give you the freedom to choose and manage your own investments.

Shard Capital offers a third Party SIPP. We take responsibility for the investment management and administration of the custody of the investments and cash, while a leading SIPP provider acts as the trustee. As the respective offering of any two SIPP providers can differ significantly, Shard Capital has relationships with a number of established providers so we are able to provide you with a high degree of choice: for example a particular investment may not be eligible for inclusion in one SIPP, but may be eligible in another.

How Much Can You Contribute?

If you are a non-earner or do not pay income tax, £3,600 can be contributed to your SIPP per tax year. You are able to contribute up to £2,880 of your income, plus the HMRC will contribute £720 (also referred to as tax relief, currently set at 20%), totalling £3,600 per tax year. If you pay income tax, you are able to contribute up to the annual allowance, currently at £60,000 until 5 April 2024.

For example, if you earned £80,000 and want to contribute £60,000 to a SIPP, you would only need to contribute £48,000 and the HMRC will add 20% basic-rate tax relief of £12,000, making up the £60,000 total.

The SIPP provider will reclaim basic rate tax on your personal pension contributions.

Please note, if your annual income is over £200,000, you may be subject a reduced annual allowance.

The total fund must not exceed the current lifetime allowance, £1,073,100. The rate of the tax you pay on pension savings above the lifetime allowance depends on how the money is paid to you and when you took your pension savings.

If you took your pension before 6 April 2023, the rate is:

  • 55% if you get it as a lump sum
  • 25% if you get it any other way, for example pension payments or cash withdrawals

If you took your pension on or after 6 April 2023, there is no lifetime allowance charge. This applies if you took it as a lump sum or any other way, You might be able to protect your pension pot from reductions to the lifetime allowance.

Further information can be found on the HMRC website.

Stocks & Shares

Issued by companies officially listed on a recognised stock exchange.

Collective Investments

Include but not limited to Investment Trusts and Unit Trusts.

Government Securities

Include Gilts and other bonds issued by governments here in the UK and abroad.

Corporate Bonds

Only bonds listed on a recognised stock exchange, or bonds which have been issued by a publicly listed company are eligible for inclusion in a SIPP.

Unlisted Securities

Include unquoted companies (rules surrounding these kinds of investments can differ between SIPP providers).


Can be held within a Shard Capital SIPP, but no interest is paid on balances held.

SIPPs At A Glance

  • Plan for your future: A SIPP gives you flexibility around what you can invest in, and how much you can contribute
  • Tax benefits: Basic rate tax can be reclaimed on contributions, plus, if you have unused annual allowance for the previous three tax years you may be able to carry it forward and add it to your current allowance
  • Lump sum cash: 25% tax free lump sum cash can be drawn from the SIPP from the age of 55 years
  • Investment options: SIPPs can be used to access to a broad range of securities and investments across the market, and because we have relationships with a number of providers we can help select the SIPP that best suits your needs
  • Value for money: Make your investment go further, and benefit from competitive fees with no annual charge
  • Tailored service: Your investments can be tailored to fit your specific objectives, attitude to risk and time horizon.

Is It Right For You?

Experience level

All. Dependent on what services you opt to use within your SIPP.

Minimum investment


Who can open an account?

Private investors resident in the UK.

Tax efficient?

Yes. Basic rate tax can be reclaimed on contributions and 25% tax free lump sum cash can be drawn from the SIPP from the age of 55 years.

What account should I open?

Apply for our SIPP account by contacting one of our brokers on +44 (0)207 186 9950.