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When you buy shares you effectively receive a share in the ownership of a public listed company. Shares are also referred to as stocks, equities or securities. They are offered by companies as a way of raising capital. When shares are first issued, they are done so via an initial public offering (IPO) on what is known as the primary market, although subsequently shareholders can trade them via a stock exchange on the secondary market. An effective share trading strategy can realise gains in two ways. Firstly through an increase in the value of the company(s) you have invested in, and secondly through dividends – essentially a share in company profits paid back to shareholders.

Global share trading

Access 19,000 global Stocks on 36 of the world’s exchanges. Choose Stocks from the US, Europe and Asia to create a portfolio that best suits your trading style.

Research Tools

Our ShardGO trading platform provides everything you need for share trading – no need to use multiple sources for your data. Conduct your research using our tools, and then execute the trade from the same place, efficiently.


If you also trade Forex, CFDs or Futures, you already have collateral you can utilise to place a trade. Use up to75%* of your Stocks value as margin collateral.

Multi-Currency Account

Through ShardGO you can trade in multiple currencies. You can also benefit from free share transfers when transferring your shares into Shard Capital from other providers. Transfer fees from previous suppliers may still apply.

Demo for free

Try our risk-free 30 day ShardGO demo with £100k of virtual funds, or sign up for an account today.

We also provide an advisory and discretionary service for growth investors with a focus on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

The value of your investments can fall as well as rise, and you could make a loss from your initial investment.

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Apply for a ShardGO account

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