Stocks & Shares Junior ISA

A Junior ISA (JISA) is a tax free investment for children under the age of 18, with returns free from Capital Gains Tax and dividends sheltered from higher rate tax. It allows parents or guardians with parental responsibility to plan for a child’s future; they maintain control of the Junior ISA until the child reaches 18, but as soon as a subscription has been made, the money becomes the child’s.

Shard Capital offers a stocks and shares Junior ISA which can comprise of as many investments as you like. You can buy and sell holdings or make lump sum contributions at any time, as long as your annual limit of £9,000 is not exceeded. All money invested is your child’s and is locked until their 18th birthday, and so a great way to save for your child’s future.

The cut-off date for investing in a JISA is 5th April every year. So if you don’t invest your maximum allowance by then, you will lose your chance to do so for that year.

What can you invest in?

Stocks & Shares – issued by companies officially listed on a recognised stock exchange. In August 2013 AIM shares were permitted to be bought and sold within the ISA.

Collective Investments – include but not limited to Investment Trusts and Unit Trusts.

Government Securities – include Gilts and other bonds issued by governments here in the UK and abroad.

Corporate Bonds – only bonds listed on a recognised stock exchange, or bonds which have been issued by a publicly listed company are eligible for inclusion in Junior ISA.

Cash – can be held within a Shard Capital Stocks & Shares Junior ISA, but no interest is paid on balances held.

Stocks and shares Junior ISA at a glance

  • Tax benefits: No Capital Gains Tax on any profit made within the ISA/JISA and no further income tax to be paid on dividends received within the JISA
  • Investment options: Unlike Cash JISAs which pay a flat rate of interest, Stocks & Shares JISAs can be used to access to a broad range of securities and investments across the market
  • Reduced admin: ISAs/JISAs do not have to be declared on tax returns
  • Ability to Bed & ISA: You can simultaneously sell an investment outside of your Junior ISA and re-purchase it within your JISA using either your allowance, or cash held
  • Value for money: Make your investment go further, and benefit from competitive fees with no annual charge
  • Tailored service: Your investments can be tailored to fit your specific objectives, attitude to risk and time horizon
  • Consolidation: Child Trust Funds are transferable into a JISA

We also offer a Stocks and shares ISA.

Is it right for you?

Experience level

All. Dependent on what services you opt to use within your ISA wrapper.

Minimum investment

None, up to a maximum annual limit of £9,000.

Who can open an account?

Private investors resident in the UK.

Tax efficient?

Yes. Returns generated are free from Capital Gains Tax, while dividends paid are sheltered from higher rate tax.

What account should I open?

Apply for our dedicated Junior ISA account by clicking the link below

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