Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to help smaller companies in the UK raise finance by offering a range of significant tax relief to investors who purchase their shares. These include Income Tax Relief, Capital Gains Tax benefits and additional relief if the shares are sold at a loss.

Shard Capital has strong relationships with corporate broking houses all over the UK, which provides access to a pipeline of high quality EIS qualifying investments.

Enterprise Investment Scheme at a glance

  • Income Tax Relief at 30% of the cost of the shares
  • Capital Gains Tax freedom and deferral
  • Ability to offset losses against income
  • Access to a wide range of Enterprise Investment Scheme qualifying shares

Is it right for you?

Experience level

Low. This is a discretionary service.

Minimum investment


Who can open an account?

Private investors resident in the UK.

Tax efficient?

Yes. Our Enterprise Investment Scheme service allows higher rate taxpayers to deploy their investment capital in a tax efficient manner.

What account should I open?

You can take advantage of our Enterprise Investment Scheme service through our tax efficient ISA account, a SIPP account, our Primary Account, or, depending on your level of investment, a combination

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