Advisory Services: Charges

Advisory services

Advisory Services



UK large cap equities £27.50* (settlement & custody £10.50, execution £17 max) Up to 0.75% / (min £20)
Foreign equities+  – Up to 1% / (min £35)
UK small cap equities (sub £100m market cap) £27.50* (settlement & custody £10.50, execution £17 max) Up to 1%
Collective investments (OEICs/Investment Trusts/ETFs) £25* (settlement & custody £10.50, execution £14.50 max) 1%
Corporate bonds and gilts £20*(settlement & custody £20) Up to 1%
CFDs – UK & foreign equities  – 0.3% / (£25 minimum ticket)
CFDs – UK & foreign indices  – Flat ticket £20
IPO & Placing participation £50 admin fee (made up of a £10.50 settlement and custody fee and a £39.50 settlement arrangement fee) Up to 5%

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Other charges

Other charges


Share certificate £24 per security (inc VAT)
CHAPS payments £30 (inc. VAT)
Annual SIPP fee** from £320 + VAT
Late settlement fee (where customer is at fault) £24 (inc. VAT)
Stock transfer out (per security) £12 inc. VAT
Unpaid cheque fee (per occasion) £24 inc. VAT
ISA/JISA closure £60 inc. VAT
Account inactivity*** £25 inc. VAT

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Financing for stock CFDs is charged at 2.5% above LIBOR for long positions and -2.5% below for short positions. Further charges regarding asset classes or exchanges upon request

+ Custody and local charges may apply to foreign securities, certificated securities and other corporate action requests

* Fees shown are the maximum that would be charged but in some cases the fees are reduced; this is carried out on a case by case basis

** For further information on the range of SIPPs available through Shard Capital Stockbrokers and our charges, please contact one of our advisors

***On the 1st of January 2019 any account that has not traded (i.e. no buy or sell orders have been placed) within the preceding twelve months will be charged this fee. This will be levied annually on an ongoing basis on 1 January each year and will relate to the preceding full calendar year.


All charges are correct as of 1 July 2018