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Bonds are debt instruments where the issuer borrows money from the investor who buys the Bond. The issuer pays the investor interest, also known as a coupon, for borrowing the money. The coupon is typically paid annually or semi-annually and can be fixed for the entire life of the bond or it can float, meaning that the amount of the coupon varies. Bond trading offers deep liquidity with a high daily volume of trades, essentially supporting the global financial ecosystem. With ShardGO you get direct access to liquidity providers in the Bond markets, so it’s easy to diversify your portfolio.

Global Reach

ShardGO offers a huge range of bond trading options. Choose from 7,000 Bonds from 26 countries and 21 different currencies. Use bond trading to diversify your portfolio with the option of using as collateral for margin trading.

Personal Service

Enjoy direct access to live Bond trading via phone or email. Then sit back and monitor your Bonds positions in real-time on our ShardGO online trading platform.

Bonds as collateral

Use up to *95% of your Bonds value as collateral for trading margined products like Forex and CFDs.

Trading desk access

As a ShardGO client, you will have direct access to our trading desk and our expert Investment Managers.

Bond trading that spans the globe

Shard Capital provides access to bonds from Emerging Markets and Frontier regions as well as from all the major established markets. Invest in a wide selection of Bonds by phone – including Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds in USD, EUR and GBP.


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The value of your investments can fall as well as rise, and you could make a loss from your initial investment.

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