AIM IHT Portfolio Service

The Shard Capital AIM Inheritance Portfolio Service allows investors to take advantage of Business Property Relief (BPR) which applies to certain companies quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). If eligible companies are held by an individual for a minimum of two years and the individual passes away the beneficiaries could benefit from Inheritance Tax Relief (IHT Relief).

Given the substantial rise of property values, especially over the last five years, more of us are falling within the IHT band. Therefore investing in companies quoted on AIM that qualify for BPR for a minimum of two years and held at death can help to mitigate any tax which might be liable over the nil rate band.

At a glance

  • Could significantly reduce the inheritance tax payable on an estate
  • Highly competitive charging structure
  • The portfolio can be constructed within an ISA wrapper which is more tax efficient
  • Dedicated investment team which has a comprehensive insight, and access, into companies trading on AIM

Is it right for me?

Experience level

Low. This is a discretionary service.

Minimum investment


Who can open an account?

Private investors resident in the UK.

Tax efficient?

Yes. Could significantly reduce the inheritance tax payable on an estate

What account should I open?

You can take advantage of our AIM IHT Portfolio service through our tax efficient ISA account, our Primary Account, or, depending on your level of investment, a combination


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