Small cap specialists

With an extensive background trading small cap stocks and working with AIM listed companies, Shard Capital Stockbrokers strive to help clients navigate through these sometimes higher risk investments.  We are also able to overcome the frustration of entry restrictions to the AIM market and allow clients to enjoy access and pricing usually reserved for institutions.  All services offered by Shard Capital Stockbrokers are available as on a managed, advisory or discretionary basis.

EIS portfolio

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) offered by the UK Government provides a range of tax reliefs for investors who subscribe to qualifying shares in qualifying companies. Relief can be claimed up to £1m of investment, giving a maximum tax reduction of £300k in any year with shares that have been held for 3 years from issue. If shares are sold after this period, any gain is also free from CGT.  Shares that are disposed of at a loss, the loss can be offset against income tax for the year they were sold, or any income of the previous year, instead of being offset against CGT.

AIM Inheritance Portfolio Service

The AIM Inheritance Portfolio Service allows investors to take advantage of Business Property Relief (BPR) which applies to selected companies quoted on the AIM market. If eligible companies are held for a minimum of two years and the individual passes away, the beneficiaries could benefit from Inheritance Tax Relief (IHT Relief).  With the ever growing rise in property prices, investing in companies quoted on AIM that qualify for BPR is an increasingly attractive option for investors looking to build a beneficiary portfolio.


As specialists in the London small cap and AIM market, Shard Capital Stockbrokers have access to eligible listed companies, and have the experience and knowledge to offer a tailored EIS or AIM Inheritance investment solution.  Contact us today to speak to a broker.



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