UK grants 96 Investor Visas

25 May 2018

Commenting on the release, Head of Shard Capital Investor Visa, Farzin Yazdi has said, “Due to quality assurance, the ONS net migration data sets have been delayed. We have confirmed that the following Home Office data stats are created by different analysts from separate data sets and can be relied upon.

During the first quarter of this year the trend continued with 96 main applications granted. China, with its Special Administrative Regions represent 41% of all UK Tier 1 (Investor) Visa applicants. Russian applicants, not surprising have halved and now only represent 8% of the total.

This certainly was an interesting quarter as the January 11 PBS dependents rule change took effect. Contrary to expectations our analysis of dependents to main applicants ratio has not changed significantly. We do not expect this to change much, however will report if it does.

A new interesting change is the number of applicants from India, who usually do not make an appearance in this list, although dominate the Entrepreneur category. In the previous alert we commented on the complexities of the Entrepreneur Visa and seeing those applicants switching into the investor category.

We also commented in the previous alert on the rise of Turkish nationals. Whilst our observations during the quarter see a continued strong demand, this may not continue as we have seen the Turkish Lira devalue whilst interest rates have gone from 8% to 16.5% with an election in a month’s time.

The UK remains the destination of choice for HNW migrants, we expect the UK to remain open but to the right business.”