355 UK Tier 1 (Investor) visas granted in 2017

22 February 2018

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the UK issued 81 Tier 1 (Investor) visa applications. See below for the full country breakdown.

Commenting on the release, Head of Shard Capital Investor VisaFarzin Yazdi has said,

“For the calendar year ending 31 December, we had a 65% year on year increase with 355 UK Tier 1 visa applications. Over 60% of applicants were of Chinese and Russian descent; following the trends of previous years.”

“As we have seen in trends of previous releases, applications from Iranian and Turkish applicants continue to rise and this appears to remain intact.”

“Also interesting to note, is the sudden increase in Investor Visa applications from Americans and Canadians.”

“Moving forward, we expect the Investor Visa category to remain of interest, despite the dependants requirements changes. In addition, the complexities with the Entrepreneur Visa may help those applicants who can afford the Investor Visa route.”

“Over the past quarter we have also been continuing to fix evidencing issues with pre-6 November 2014, applicants extension applications.”

“Other upcoming events to keep an eye on are the Russian elections which have historically resulted in an increase in Russian Investor Visa applications.”

“My top tip for immigration lawyers remains to monitor periodical investment reports on an ongoing basis and to make sure they comply. In addition, complex investments increase visa risks.”


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